About Developerka

There’s no official Serbian translation for word developer. We just use the English term pronounced with hard, Serbian “r”. Developerka is female form of “developer”. This blog is about developing with WordPress and contributing to WordPress project.

About Djeva Loperka

Translation and localization is extremely important in WordPress world.

Guided by this philosophy, my colleagues and I tried to translate term “developer”. Turns out that female forms provide greater amount of fun. Among many solutions we came up with, Djeva Loperka popped out as closest to the Serbian tradition and reflects archaism in its brightest light.

Djeva (English: Maiden) is chosen for its phonetics, which is similar to the beginning of “developerka”. And it’s female too.

Loperka means nothing; it’s just the rest of initial term. This fact too is a strong indicator of Serbian language spirit as we still use some very old terms taken from other languages (mostly Turkish and German), not knowing when we adopted them or what they really mean.

About me

My name is Milana Cap, a classical musician and WordPress developeress from Serbia. The long(er) version of the story can be found on HeroPress.